Online art class drawing

Online Drawing Class

Boost your drawing skills in just 6 weeks

“Just Draw It” is an small-group online art class in which you will learn how to draw like a pro, in just 6 weeks for $99.
Starts March 7 2016
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online drawing class food

Food Drawing Class

Illustrate your favourite recipe

“Draw It Like It’s Hot” is a four-week online art class in Sketchbook Skool. You will be drawing food and illustrating recipes, and making delicious art in for $69.
Starts June 10

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Online art class drawing

Art Journaling Class

Start your art journaling habit and stick to it

“Awesome Art Journaling”: fill your art journal pages without hesitation, along with your classmates. Four weeks full of drawing fun for $69! Starts July 4 2016
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Online art class drawing

Character Drawing

Create your own character design in just 4 weeks

In this self-guided workshop, you are going to sketch, draw, design and develop your very own character in 4 weeks for $49

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Take A Moment To Breathe

There’s this trend going on for a while and it’s called ‘Mindfulness’. I think the term and the trend are overused, but I do understand why. Take a moment to breathe I sometimes catch myself chasing to do lists, working on one thing (or even...

Hi. I’m Koosje.
I help people who like drawing, turn their “I can’t do that”-thoughts, into amazing drawings.
I teach, blog, and draw, and I can help you with practical tips.

So Let’s Just Draw It!

Upcoming Online Art Classes

10 June 2016 Drawing Food 4 July 2016 Awesome Art Journaling 5 September 2016 Just Draw It On Demand How to Design a Character

Draw Tip Tuesday: Traveling Light

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