Now that I’m catching my breath after the very exciting pre-launch week of the new term in Sketchbook Skool (you didn’t sign up for “Expressing” yet? Seriously? You still can; there are a few seats left! Click here to sign up right now before enrollment closes!), I would like to share my travel journal pages I filled during the trip to Thailand I came back from last weekend.


The excitement of a holiday starts in the plane! So great to kill time during a long flight. I didn’t even watch any movies; drawing this was very satisfying. After finishing, I put an eye mask over my eyes, an audiobook in my ears and managed to get a little bit of sleep.

You may have noticed I have visited Thailand more than once – I and my husband just really love the country. There are so many beautiful places to discover, the people are so lovely, the pace is so much slower than here in the Netherlands, the temperatures are so lovely in winter, and of course… the food is delicious!



We stayed in Chiang Mai City for the first days, to acclimatize a little and to shake off business and busy-ness.

And to spend new year’s eve.



The tradition of letting up paper lanterns for good luck is (although quite polluting) very magical.


I wanted to draw that! So I decorated the first page of my sketchbook – there was a LOT of hatching, I kept coming back to it to fill the dark sky.