Yesterday I showed the travel journal pages I filled before the new year started. Here’s more!

Food, of course… I just have to document it, when it’s good. Can’t help myself.


We rented a motorcycle and left Chiang Mai City. Travelling light has a lot of advantages. You don’t need to schlepp around all kinds of unnecessary things (that you won’t use anyway) all the time, and you can travel with 2 people on one motorcycle. One bag in front, one at the back and you’re good to go!
So we went up north and found a gorgeous place – a treehouse resort of which I will share a drawing later, in a different post. 20160102_Rabaeng-Pasal-Resort


Oh and.. more food…20160104_Lhongkhao

A page in my mini-sketchbook on a sleepy morning in Mae Ha Pra. Doing art during breakfast.20160104_minisketchbook

And one of those typical drawings where the hand goes and starts drawing lines and the mind goes: “What are you doing? are you really going to draw all these leaves? This is way too complex!”. Because I really loved the feeling of the black ink lines flowing onto the watercolour background I prepared the night before, it was easy to ignore that voice in my head and just go along with it, bit by bit. I am very happy how it turned out and it reminds me of the fact what a difference it can make to work on a watercolour background – the sunny yellow adds so much to this line drawing!