It’s 2 years ago Danny and I opened the Sketchbook Skool doors and offered our first Kourse, called ‘Beginning’.
Every single day I feel blessed because of the wonderful Kommunity of artists (students and Fakulty) that Sketchbook Skool came to be. They are so supportive amongst each other, super creative and just an awesome bunch of inspiring people from all over the world! And what amazes me that it is both already and only 2 years ago we started this. Time is relative, I guess. And you know what happens with it, when you’re having fun. And that is just what Sketchbook Skool is all about: fun.
That’s why a brand new Kourse is starting on April 15. It’s called ‘Polishing’ and it has 6 amazing and inspiring teachers in it, who will show a wide variety of making art, keeping a sketchbook and an art habit. Don’t miss out! Sign up now by clicking here!