I am extremely happy and excited that in Sketchbook Skool, we just opened enrollment for (finally!) a brand new multi-teacher kourse!


The kourse is called Exploring and it’s a five week kourse full of… yes you guessed it. Explorations! new techniques and new sketchbook approaches. New Fakulty faces, and very, very kool stuff!

Who’s in it?

Sketchbook Skool co-founder Danny Gregory kicks off and will show you some great tricks to capture light and shadow, using hatching lines. And he will share some personal stories, and as usual, a lot of inspiring thoughts and ideas.

Then Nina Johansson is up next. Nina will share the process of urban sketching in her klass in Exploring. Many sketchbook students have asked us for a klass taught by Nina, and, well I am a very big fan of her work too – I am so happy that she’s in! I was so very lucky to spend time with her when we shot the videos for her klass, and I can tell you first hand – Nina is a wonderful person to hang out with. That’s exactly what we’ll do with her in klass!

Someone else Sketchbook skool students have been repeatedly asking for is Lynne Chapman. Another Urban sketcher. I had so much fun shooting her klass in Sheffield, where she lives! Lynne has a bubbly personality, and the drawings she makes are just wonderful. In her klass she gives us some excellent ideas on storytelling and capturing spaces, time and people in your sketchbook. In her klass she shows us pages and pages of her concertina sketchbooks – so you better get ready to feel inspired!

Danny shot a klass in Los Angeles with Brian Butler, who is an amazing street artist. His demo is unbelievable: he’ll paint an enormous mural, it’s spectacular. But he also gives you ideas on how to turn your sketchbooks into other cool stuff, like zines, prints, and posters.

Last but not least, in week 5, we have Felix Scheinberger back in klass! Students love his work, and yet again, asked for more. Felix’ work is so inspiring. So from Berlin, this time Felix talks about layout and design. Elements that can be very important for your sketchbook pages.

Well, just watch the video above and if you like what you see, click here to sign up! Exploring starts April 17. Don’t miss it!