Expressive line.

Recently, I saw some posts from a couple of urban sketchers, I don’t even remember who they were, or where I saw it. It might have been on Instagram. It doesn’t matter anyway. It’s about the spark it gave. They used the continual line drawing technique to draw a whole scene and I was amazed how effective that was – both for capturing the scene as well as for a very expressive way of sketching!

So I tried my hand at it, just sitting on the couch and drawing my surroundings, discovering that for this technique there aren’t many rules, except for these three below.

Rule 1:

Do not pick up the pen from your paper from the moment you start drawing until you finish

Rule 2:

Trust your eyes, they will trace the shapes that you see – your pen follows your eyes and records it like a seismograph.

Rule 2:

Don’t take it too seriously


Starting at the left, drawing the corner of my sketchbook in view, I worked my way to the right, tracing lines as if they were trails that got me back to places I needed to add lines.


As I was drawing, my husband was on the couch, but he moved so I just drew him again, and I like the effect. I think adding a few dabs of colour was a great decision, it adds to the expressiveness!

I love exploring in my sketchbook.

It’s no coincidence that we named the new Sketchbook Skool Kourse “Exploring”!
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