Hatching for Homework!

That’s what’s happening this week in Sketchbook Skool‘s brand new Kourse ‘Exploring’.

My Sketchbook Skool partner Danny Gregory kicks off the first week of this awesome community course, with a class that’s all about creativity, and of course: drawing. I love how he is showing the principles of light and shadow, the way I used to explain it when I taught my now retired online course ‘Just Draw It’.

I’m doing my homework for ‘Exploring’ along with all the students that have signed up, and I feel as excited as they do.

Here’s a Study hall video I made, explaining the process, and also showing you a piece of solid evidence that I’ve always loved doing this type of homework.



If you’re like me, you’re going to love the homework assignments in ‘Exploring’ the following weeks! So if you haven’t already, join me!

Click here to sign up and dive right in. 

And then I’ll see you in Klass!