Drawing people.

Challenges that I encounter every time when I draw people:
-Make the drawing look like the actual person I’m drawing,
-Getting proportions right
-How to capture movement
-Frustration because they move so much

I tend to slow down when I’m trying to figure out details like facial features, wrinkles in clothing, frames of spectacles, hair dos, hands… Lately, I’m doing a lot of contour drawings: a continuous line, not lifting the pen off the paper, and just figuring your way through the page. At first, I thought a one-liner like that wouldn’t be the right technique to draw people. Then, I gave it a go and was surprised by the effect of it!

-First of all, you can’t really get caught up in the details because you’re too busy figuring out where your line needs to go next without lifting the paper. Therefore, you need to skip distracting small details and move from shape to shape.
-Second, it’s really surprising how – with some practice of course – you DO get a likeness. Maybe that’s because you’re not trying so hard?
-Because you move fairly quickly from shape to shape,¬†you’ll be able to capture a posture a little quicker. Still, if people move a lot, it’s a challenge!
-A continuous line is an expressive¬†line and with that, you’re representing the movement.