Let’s make some yummy art!

It’s been a while since I illustrated a recipe.
Any food related drawings I did lately, were a few ‘What I Ate Today’ pages in my sketchbook and breakfast drawings

About time to start a new project.

About time to pick a favourite recipe and start listing its ingredients and thinking of clever solutions to explain the instructions in images as much as possible. The fun challenge to me, always is to use as little text as possible.

Creativity is solving problems.

How to solve a ‘problem’ or quest is a fun process, and the reward is not so much in the end result, but it’s in the little ‘aha’ moments you have during the process. When I hear myself mutter ‘oh I’m so clever’, I know I’m on the right path.

So let’s start another yummy project!

I’ll be working on an illustrated recipe and will share my progress soon. If you like, you can join me! This week, my online workshop ‘Draw It Like It’s Hot!’ has a 20% discount! So even if you don’t have time right now to join me, you can enroll now for $79 and then take the lessons whenever suits your schedule. Because you’ll have lifetime access to the material.
Let’s start food doodling (foodling!) and I’ll guide you through the steps of completing a design and create an illustrated recipe.

You’ll love it. Click here to join me in Draw It Like It’s Hot!