I have been looking forward to this week

Last Monday, the new Sketchbook Skool Kourse ‘Let’s Make A Map!‘ started, and Map making expert Nate Padavick has been showing us many ways to illustrate a map, and he’s given us lots of ideas of what to make a map about. 

Even when I started filming my process for this project, I wasn’t quite sure what my map was going to be about. And I had no idea what it would look like either. Illustrating a map is quite a process from brainstorming, to problem solving, to coming up with clever ways to make your drawing comprehensive… all that, and more. I’m glad I filmed it all, and I hope you enjoy watching my idea grow and develop!

I am very pleased with how my map turned out – and honestly, a little surprised too

I didn’t think it would all work out so well, stealing an idea and taking it in the pirate map direction. With a map monster even!  I’ll be posting this in the Klassroom gallery on the Sketchbook Skool Course platform, and I’ll submit it to TheyDrawAndTravel.

Would you like to try and illustrate a map too? You can still sign up for Nate’s Kourse ‘Let’s Make A Map’ for $29 on SketchbookSkool.com