Welcome to Draw Tip Tuesday!

The past weeks we’ve been playing around with watercolors on Draw Tip Tuesdays.
Have you been exploring and getting more familiar with your watercolor paint?
I’m enjoying playing with my paint, and there is SO much more to learn.

Today I’d like to explore two more fun and simple effects: Bleeding and blooming.

When you paint one color and then let another color touch it while it’s still wet, the colors will bleed into each other.
You can either just let two pools of color touch and see whatever happens, or you can add the second color to where a bead of paint is left of the first color, and then pull that inside the second color.
This is a great way to get to know your palette, to see how certain colors mix, and it’s a great excuse to fill a page with another colorful pattern!
Now for the Blooming effect: clean your brush and pick up clear water. tap your brush to sprinkle some drops of water onto the page. See what happens with the paint that’s still wet? With this blooming effect, you can create interesting textures.
And of course, when the paint has dried, you can draw on top of your paint and add a bit of imagination!



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