Awesome Art Journaling Class – Join Now for Only $69

artjournalinglogoInspiration is everywhere – even a ten minute drawing can be very satisfying.
But how do we fit this into our days?

What is it?

This online workshop gives you a quick, creative, boost to get you into a habit that can last a life time:
Awesome Art Journaling.
In this course, take four weeks to get into the habit of making memorable daily journal entries. I’ll give you helpful tips and tricks, and through experimenting with materials and techniques.
You’ll  get inspiration to develop creative ideas and make every day an Awesome Art Journal day.

In this class I won’t be providing personal feedback.

You pay ONLY $ 69 for this class!

art journaling class


In this 4-week online class, You will get simple tips and tricks and tell you about:

  • art_jounaling_class_examplematerials
  • drawing/collaging
  • colours
  • lettering
  • creative ideas
  • how to make time to take the time.Additionally, at the end of the workshop you can download a workbook I made for you, which you can print and use to keep you into the habit of daily drawing.

Schermafbeelding 2015-11-26 om 21.12.46How does it work?

For 4 weeks, once a week you will find a new post on the workshop website which includes instructions, inspiration, tips, and video tutorials, and suggestions for your journal entries.

On the workshop website you can share your journal entries This way, you and your classmates can see each other’s work, comment and learn from each other. In addition, there is a private Awesome Art Journaling Facebook group, if you’d like to meet more awesome art journalers like yourself.

This class will provide a personal journey for each participant, and I will am happy to guide you through the first steps of becoming addicted to draw daily! You won’t get any personal feedback though as this is a self-directed class.

This workshop is for you if you:

art journaling class– Want to confidently fill your art journal pages
– Want to make drawing a regular habit
– Want to gain confidence about your drawings
– Need to know how to implement your drawing time into your busy schedule

“Does it work for me?” You might ask.
As long as you’re interested in drawing, this is for you. I’ve had people with very different levels of drawing (from hardly any experience to the well skilled) joining my classes before.

Inspiration is for everyone, both beginners and the more skilled artist.

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With this workshop you will:

– Feel like a true sketchbooker and artist
– Be able to make drawing a life habit
– Gain confidence about your drawings
– Learn how to implement your drawing time into your busy schedule
– Have lots of new friends (your class mates!)