Draw Tip Tuesday – Drawing an Interior

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Last week, we used the continual line drawing to capture the foreshortening due to perspective.
Have you practiced? I sure hope so. Because today we’re doing another continual line drawing: we’re going to capture a more complex scene: an interior.




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The Solitary Sketcher

Sharing makes things even more fun


Whenever I attend or host a sketch crawl event, it is always such a treat to see people getting together for the simple reason they share the same love for sketching. Some of them will bring a simple sketch pad, a pencil, and an eraser. Others will haul carts filled with sketchbooks, brushes, paint, ink, markers, pens and pencils. They will definitely not run out of materials for the day, that’s for sure.

But there are smaller scale sketch events too. Like a bunch of Amsterdam Urban Sketchers who join weekly at the Jazz improv workshop sessions at the jazz theater in Amsterdam. Even though I am not much of a jazz lover, I like attending those, because the musicians in the workshop are focusing on a different theme in their music each week, which I find very interesting. Sometimes the tempo of the music influences the movement of my pen, and I love it when that happens! The two-hour workshop allows us sketchers to study gestures and capture movement and music. While there’s often a lot of chatting involved during sketch crawls or sketch meetups on location, the sketchers are scattered around the auditorium, and work silently while listening to the music on stage.

After the session is over, we gather, and THEN the chatting starts. We look at each other’s sketchbook pages and geek out on pens, ink, sketchbooks and paint.

 I realize that I am kind of a solitary sketcher. I like these stretched two hours of concentration. I really enjoy meeting other sketchers, and I go to sketch events every now and then. But drawing on my own, without any distractions or social obligations, really gets me into The Zone. It makes me forget about time, it gets me out of my head and into the creative process, absorbed by lines and shapes and negative spaces.

Mind you, solitary sketchers are not lonely sketchers

The other day I sat down with a Matcha Latte (that seems to be the new thing! Chai Latte is so 2016) and started drawing the people and interior of the tea cafe. An hour later, I left with one finished drawing, had had a chat with an old neighbor, had left my instagram handle for three people, and had someone take a picture of the drawing I made – because she was in it. When I would have been sitting there with someone else, or with a group of sketchers, this direct contact wouldn’t have happened.

20 minutes into the drawing (and the matcha latte getting cold), a man stood on the other side of the window – and in the corner of my eye I saw him hesitate. A few seconds later, he came inside and approached my table. Then I recognized him. I once secretly drew him when sitting outside of my neighborhood cafe. I THOUGHT it was secretly, but the man (who turned out to be someone living in the neighborhood as well) noticed, and asked if he could see the drawing. We got into a very nice conversation about art. It was one of those surprising and delightful encounters, driven by art.

And now, he came in just to say hi and to tell me that he follows my blog and really enjoys seeing my drawings. I am not telling you this to brag. I just love that I’m making friends through art. If it wasn’t for that one drawing I made back then, I would have never known this nice neighbor.

When I got up to leave, just as I headed out the door, someone said: ‘wait’. It was a girl, who earlier had spotted me drawing when she came in. Now that I was leaving, she and her friend wanted to see the end result of the drawing she saw the start of. So I went up to her table and showed it to her. Then the lady behind them stood up and joined us to look at the sketchbook. She was actually in the drawing and was delighted about it, so she snapped a few pictures of it. They all noted down my name to follow me on Instagram. And a few says later I ran into the girl again, who immediately asked excitedly: ‘are you going to draw again?’

Drawing in da hood

This all taps into last week’s theme in Sketchbook Skool‘s kourse ‘Exploring’, where Nina Johansson teaches about drawing on location, and especially drawing the ordinary.

Drawing the ordinary: Instead of searching for a special place, you sit down and draw in your own familiar neighborhood. And take it all in, capture a scene and atmosphere in your sketchbook. I have to admit that I do like going to exotic places and draw there – travel journaling is awesome, but drawing the ordinary, and especially drawing in your own neighborhood brings so much more. I am making friends, I get to know people I wouldn’t have connected with otherwise. All through drawings!


Study Hall: Create Your Own Inspiration

If you’re out of ideas, you’re not.

Brian Butler is one of the teachers in the Sketchbook Skool Kourse ‘Exploring’. He’s a really cool artist who lives in California and travels around to draw bands and events, and to make amazing murals too! It’s one of the things I love so much of Sketchbook Skool kourses: the mix of completely different people teaching in one kourse. So last week all students were drawing on location, following Nina Johansson‘s lead from Stockholm. We were trying to capture a scene, and add watercolors, hoping it would turn out even slightly as wonderful as Nina’s watercolor art. And from that sort of traditional way of journaling, we’re transitioning to a completely different world of spray paints, telling a story about a place in images, and playing a sketchbook game to generate your own inspiration.

And creating your own inspiration is really what happens if you make a list of random things, and then combine them randomly. You’ll fill a sketchbook page in no time, surprising yourself with fun ideas as you go along. Here’s how I did that – I strongly recommend to try this yourself!


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