Drawing is Seeing

When you draw, it’s like you look at the things around you with a different set of eyes.

You look at your breakfast and see interesting shades and colors. The negative spaces of things you see, can be very interesting to look at. The food you eat, the people you meet, the moments you steal. You can all capture them in your sketchbook. Drawing the mundane to me is the ultimate basis for art journaling. It always gives you a reason to pick up your pen, without needing to think whether or not the subject is worth drawing. If the drawing wll be meaningful. It will be, as soon as you put the first line on paper.


That’s why I am very excited that in Sketchbook Skool, tomorrow the online, 6-week art class called ‘Seeing’ starts!

Danny Gregory kicks off with fantastic exercises to really look and see, and after that, I will cover the importance and fun of drawing self portraits. Klasses that follow then in the course are by Cathy Johnson (oh, luscious watercolors!), Liz Steel (urban sketching!) and Andrea Joseph (use all those pens you have, slow down and create an amazing drawing!).

Wanna join us? Click here to start seeing the world in a whole new way and sign up!

Breakfast Treat

Since I found out that you can actually make pancakes out of just bananas and eggs, I am totally hooked on these. They are healthy and it’s a treat to eat them for breakfast. But as a dessert, with some coconut cream on them, they are pretty amazing to. And SO easy to make too. All the more reason to illustrate a recipe.

The recipe is published on the fantastic website They Draw And Cook, where you’ll find a treasure of illustrated recipes by artists from all over the globe.

Draw Tip Tuesday – Circles In Perspective

Welcome to Draw Tip Tuesday!

After last week’s Draw Tip Tuesday, hopefully you get the idea of using different points of view. But when you’re drawing something in perspective, especially circles, it can still be quite tricky.
Here’s a basic exercise that will make it a lot easier!

There’s more where this came from! Follow me on YouTube by clicking here
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