Capturing Moments

We have a green couch. It’s large and comfortable and kind of fantastic and I draw it quite often. Just because it’s there, smack in the middle of the living room. I draw it when I sit by the window, but I also draw my husband and me when we sit on it.

It’s a place for super relaxing moments, great converstaions, watching series and movies, but also making music (him) and drawing (me). It’s one of those items that never gets boring to draw, and an object to draw, in order to capture moments in sketches.

Look around you, I’m sure you also have a place or item in your home that is always an interesting object to draw, or to draw in/on!

Draw Tip Tuesday – How To Use A Brush Pen

“Are we to paint what’s on the face, what’s inside the face, or what’s behind it?”

Good question! Of course it is, it came from Pablo Picasso.

Let’s paint a face, but use a pen for it? How? By using a brush pen. It’s a hybrid between a pen and a brush and it allows you to draw quick and loose.


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Drawing People

Drawing people is so much fun!

I really enjoy it, not because it brings out the creep in me that loves staring at people, but because each and every person has something interesting. Whether it’s a certain facial feature, the posture, something they wear… Plus: it’s a great way to practice drawing quickly, trying to capture the essence as they are moving and oblivious of the fact they’re being watched.

This is a page I did while sitting in the sun, sipping a slow drip coffee. The lady next to e was enjoying the sun and reading a book – wearing sunglasses and her reading glasses on top of it. if I wouldn’t have been drawing, I might not even have noticed that quirky detail! I alternated pens – using a brush pen for quick strokes.


Kind of distracted by eating chicken wings, I did this drawing in a restaurant. I hated the drawing of the sketch I made of the guys sitting at the bar. I hardly ever take photos of the scenes that I draw, but this time I did, because I thought maybe when I get home, I might want to work on this a little more. When I came home, I sat down and added a bit of hatching and the checkers on the guy’s shirt, but still hated it. So just drew another person on top of it – and the funny thing is: now I love this page! It really helps sometimes, to put extra effort on a page you don’t like that much.

People move a lot, but not always. When they’re reading – they sit fairly still.


Maybe you’re like: ‘yeah well, drawing a whole person is just too much to do all in one go”. Then pick out parts that stand out to you. Look at parts that aren’t moving as much and study those. In this drawing, I started with the feet (they were still) and then made an effort to also draw the moving parts of the musician: the hands. The very lucky thing about musicians is: yes they move, but they are repeating the same posture and movement over and over again, so you just need to be patient and catch them again and again.

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