Drawing Light and Shadow

Hatching for Homework!

That’s what’s happening this week in Sketchbook Skool‘s brand new Kourse ‘Exploring’.

My Sketchbook Skool partner Danny Gregory kicks off the first week of this awesome community course, with a class that’s all about creativity, and of course: drawing. I love how he is showing the principles of light and shadow, the way I used to explain it when I taught my now retired online course ‘Just Draw It’.

I’m doing my homework for ‘Exploring’ along with all the students that have signed up, and I feel as excited as they do.

Here’s a Study hall video I made, explaining the process, and also showing you a piece of solid evidence that I’ve always loved doing this type of homework.



If you’re like me, you’re going to love the homework assignments in ‘Exploring’ the following weeks! So if you haven’t already, join me!

Click here to sign up and dive right in. 

And then I’ll see you in Klass!

3 Rules for Continual Line Drawing

Expressive line.

Recently, I saw some posts from a couple of urban sketchers, I don’t even remember who they were, or where I saw it. It might have been on Instagram. It doesn’t matter anyway. It’s about the spark it gave. They used the continual line drawing technique to draw a whole scene and I was amazed how effective that was – both for capturing the scene as well as for a very expressive way of sketching!

So I tried my hand at it, just sitting on the couch and drawing my surroundings, discovering that for this technique there aren’t many rules, except for these three below.

Rule 1:

Do not pick up the pen from your paper from the moment you start drawing until you finish

Rule 2:

Trust your eyes, they will trace the shapes that you see – your pen follows your eyes and records it like a seismograph.

Rule 2:

Don’t take it too seriously


Starting at the left, drawing the corner of my sketchbook in view, I worked my way to the right, tracing lines as if they were trails that got me back to places I needed to add lines.


As I was drawing, my husband was on the couch, but he moved so I just drew him again, and I like the effect. I think adding a few dabs of colour was a great decision, it adds to the expressiveness!

I love exploring in my sketchbook.

It’s no coincidence that we named the new Sketchbook Skool Kourse “Exploring”!
Would you like to explore your creativity? Well, what are you waiting for? “Exploring” started this Monday, so it’s not too late to join! Click here to sign up.

Draw Tip Tuesday – The First Page Of Your Sketchbook

“It’s easier to resist at the beginning than at the end”

This is a quote by Leonardo da Vinci. And I think it’s safe to say that we can all agree on it.

Beginning in a brand new sketchbook can feel kind of scary, because of that resistance you feel. That first page might ‘set the tone’ for the rest of the sketchbook, or maybe your inner critic tells you that this first drawing should be meaningful, and most important: perfect.

Hold on – wait a second.

First things first. Write down your contact details, so that in case you loose your sketchbook, hopefully, the person who finds it, will get it back to you. And second; get to know this new sketchbook. How does the paper react to your favorite tools? What does it do when you put paint on it? Does ink need to dry for a bit, or does the paper soak it up right away?

Grab your sketch kit, take out your favorite tool, and start drawing every item in your kit. While you’re doing this, you’re documenting tools and colors, as well as getting to know your new sketchbook a little bit. And before you know it, you filled the whole page!

There’s more where this came from! Follow me on YouTube by clicking here

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