Draw Tip Tuesday – India Ink

Welcome to Draw Tip Tuesday!

I don’t use it very often, but I like its versatality: India Ink. It’s watersoluable, but when it dries, it’s waterproof. Perfect for layering many shades, or combine watercolours with. There are so many tools you can use, combined with India ink – I collected a few of them for today’s Draw Tip Tuesday video.

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One Minute Mayo – an illustrated recipe


There’s a mystery around how to make Mayonnaise. People say you need a very tricky technique of continuously beating the mixture of egg yolks and vinegar, adding oil teeny bit by teeny bit… And it’s true, you can do it that way, it works. But recently I discovered a method of making mayonnaise that is SO much simpler and SO much faster!

So I made an illustrated recipe.

First I made this one, but even though it’s very clear and simple, I found it a bit dull.

So this weekend, inspired after seeing some hipsters in the burger bar I had dinner, I decided to give it another go, using a comic-style approach in ink and gouache:

It’s now published on the awesome website They Draw And Cook, where you’ll find endless inspiration for illustrated recipes. Yum!

Homework: A Drawing Meditation

Doing homework can be very mindful

The Kourse called ‘Seeing’ has started this week in Sketchbook Skool.
I did my homework for this week’s lesson, taught by sketchbook Skool co-founder Danny Gregory.

Danny’s klass has two pieces of homework and I decided to do the first exercise for my Study Hall video. For this exercise, Danny takes a slice of beautiful home made bread and makes toast of it. Then he puts it in front of him and starts drawing all the details he can see. The bread’s texture and all its nooks and crannies, little crumbles… the longer you look at it, the more you see, and the toast seems to become like a moon landscape.

I didn’t have any bread but found something different that I have been meaning to draw for a long time:

You can still join the kourse called Seeing – I am teaching a klass in it next week. Click here to sign up!

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