The Creative Block – Art Therapist #5

When you have a creative block, it helps to ask for help. The past weeks I’ve been gathering tips from the people around me while I am slowly getting out of my creative rut. I am, you could say, in art therapy.

ar therapist #5

Skyping with Nina Johansson in Sweden, who is one of the new teachers in Sketchbook Skool, is very uplifting.
Nina’s Klass will be part of the brand new Kourse in Sketchbook Skool. We will release the Kourse in March 2017. Last summer we shot all videos for her lessons in Stockholm. It was fun and inspiring to do ad I can’t wait for her Klass to go live! Now, I get to pick Nina’s brain again, and she gives me some very helpful advice!

Next week I will wrap up this video series and hopefully by then I can leave that creative block completely behind me.

It All Starts With Patterns

Creativity is about solving problems. So when you run out of ideas, you should be thinking of a problem you can solve. It could be learning a new technique, or covering a specific topic or theme when drawing, painting or writing for example.

Then once you get the hang of it, you are adding your new skills and ideas to your creative arsenal, which is fantastic. But there’s even more! Instead of leaving a project behind you once it’s finished, you could analyze what you liked about it. Maybe it was the daily practice, perhaps it was the colour scheme or the way it made you think outside the box. Then – why not take these happy things with you?

We’re all creatures of habits.

20141103_shoesThink about it: when you put your shoes on, do you always do the left one first, then the right one? When you order a coffee somewhere, is it often the same order? When you pass by an art supply store, do you pop in quickly?
So a series of behaviours can easily become a pattern which then becomes a habit.

I’ll give you an example:

I enjoy cooking. Each time I make something that is worth to remember, I could write down the recipe and put it in a folder in a kitchen drawer. Instead, I make this an enjoyable creative task: I illustrate the recipe. notesnapkin
It is a great way to archive recipes you like, and also, if someone asks for it, how great is it to give them an illustrated recipe rather than a set of ingredients written on a napkin?

In case you didn’t know: I love it so much that I even teach a workshop about drawing food and illustrated recipes.
Illustrating favourite recipes has become a habit, because it’s a regular pattern in my creative process, through my sketchbook pages and final illustrations. It’s very rewarding to finish an illustration like that, and the reward gets even bigger if other people can see them as well.

That’s why I love the website They Draw And Cook. I’ve been making it a habit to post illustrations on their website for years now, and the wonderful thing is: sometimes they include my recipes in one of their books!

getspicyThey even published a book of 30 illustrated recipes by me, called ‘Food Ink.’. And this week a brand new book came out, called ‘Spicy’. I love spicy food, so I am thrilled that one of my recipes is included in this book.
You can get your hands on a copy via the They Draw And Cook shop (check out their other books, they make excellent holiday presents!).

In the meantime, I am slowly crawling out of a creative block, and will update you later on all the things I am learning about getting stuck creatively and how to snap out of it.

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