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Watercolours are fun and tricky at the same time, and I’m trying to get to know my watercolour paints a little bit better. When I use watercolours on location, I have a small kit with me: a watercolor box and a waterbrush. The waterbrush is great, but when I’m at home and want to use watercolors, I take out a big size brush with soft bristles, and boy what a difference does that make! the paint is soaked up by the natural hairs of the brush, and you can use such juicy colours that way!

There are many techniques to apply and mix watercolours and as I am learning, I am trying them out. These two pages are results of experimenting and exploring:

Study Hall – Urban Sketching With Liz Steel

Final piece of homework

In the Sketchbook Skool Kourse called ‘Seeing’, we’re in the final week. Urban Sketcher Liz Steel teaches us this week about patterns that you can find in all subjects. Whether it’s a floral design on a teacup or a repeating pattern of windows on a building – you can make good use of these patterns when you’re drawing.

I don’t have floral teacups, just glass, and all sorts of plain colored ceramic cups. But as I am living in Amsterdam, I am surrounded by interesting buildings, so that’s what I’ll do for my final piece of homework in this kourse: draw a building, focusing on its patterns.

Now that ‘Seeing’ is ending, I am getting ready for a brand new Sketchbook Skool Kourse, called ‘Exploring’

It starts this Monday, April 17, don’t miss it! Click here to find out more and enroll

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