Study Hall: Reportage Drawing

In Sketchbook Skool‘s Kourse ‘Storytelling’, students are now in the second week of the 6-week Kourse. In this week, New York based artist Melanie Reim teaches about Reportage drawing. How to report about a certain place or an event. Along with the Storytelling students in Klass, I am doing this week’s homework. At first I was of course really making it complicated because I thought I should go to some place meaningful, or attend a special event to report. But Melanie makes a point in Klass that everything can become an event when you look through the eyes of a reporter. And I agree completely. On social media, I often use the hashtag #everythingisinterestingwhenyoudrawit. I really think so.

Ordering a coffee and sitting down to record the vibe of the place I drank it, was enough of an event for my homework this week.

Keeping a Habit: A Drawing A Day

Starting a habit.
20151216_runA lot of people find it hard. You may already have many habits that get in the way of the new one. Like: going to the gym. You know that if you want to stay fit, you’ll have to work out. But actually doing it, that’s a whole different thing. Then, once you get over that huge threshold (yay! good for you!) you’ll feel quite enthusiastic about it. you feel great, you’re fit! You’re proud of finally doing this – and right you are to be proud!

Keeping a habit.
Then comes the next challenge, and that’s actually the bigger one. Sticking to it! That initial kick you got out of it has faded a little – you go to the gym on a regular basis but if something more interesting comes up, you’ll take that, with both hands, and use it as an excuse. Because you broke the habit, next time it’s easier to skip as well… and before you know it; you’re back in that same old slump. When it comes down to the gym: yes, it’s quite a commitment. And it can be boring too.

Your art habit.
So let’s talk about your art habit. That never needs to get boring. It’s quite exciting and you know what? You can do it every day! And you can take 5 minutes or two hours, or anything in between – whatever you feel like. It’s not like lifting the same weight each time, stacking kilos bit by bit. No way. Every time you work on your habit – even if it’s just a few minutes a day – you can do something completely different. Try out that nice set of color pencils that you almost forgot about because it has been buried in that desk drawer for a while now. Pick up your kid’s crayons and enjoy the colors. Trace an object with your eyes and really slow down to make a contour drawing. Call a friend to sketch together… Sounds pretty good, doesn’t it?

To help you get you into that daily habit, in Sketchbook Skool, a brand new kourse starts on Monday January 2.
It’s called A Drawing A Day. And I can hardly wait for it to begin!
a drawing a day

One of our favorite Fakulty members, Veronica Lawlor, will kick your year off right with a daily drawing exercise. For four weeks she’ll give exercises using lines, color, textures and much more. She’ll take you on field trips for inspiration and ideas. It’s the best way to start the new year creatively, and in Sketchbook Skool, we want to keep you going afterwards. So we’ll be cheerleading along the way and will keep feeding you drawing prompts for the rest of the year as well.

Are you joining in a year full of making art?
It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or more advanced – this kourse is for all levels!
I’m super excited that we’re kicking off the new year with this fun and new kourse. Are you joining? Click here to sign up now to A Drawing A Day


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