Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

Let’s kick off the new year by making art.

In Sketchbook Skool, a new Kourse starts tomorrow. It’s called ‘A Drawing A Day’ and is taught by Veronica Lawlor – who is an amazing artist and teacher.

When I met her for the first time a couple of years ago in Amsterdam, we sat next to each other on a bench along the canal to draw. While I was trying to take in the view and deciding where to even begin on my page, Veronica had already filled three quarters of her page with a sketch of the view. She was dipping her pen into her ink bottle happily and I think she even started humming while putting all those fabulous strokes of ink into her sketchbook as if her dip pen was a dancer moving over the page.
I was impressed and a little intimidated, and I said – ‘whoa you work so quickly!’. She then told me ‘Everybody has his own pace. It’s not like being quick is better than being slow or the other way around.’ And that really stuck with me. I think of it often when I draw with others. It’s okay to work slowly if you need that to really take it all in. It’s okay to work very quick if that’s how your pen flow feels best. It’s not a contest.
The drawing I made then was done on my own pace and that was just fine. I didn’t feel rushed, I just went along with my flow and enjoyed the process. Of course, when I looked at her results (she made multiple drawings by the time I made one), my inner critic told me I completely sucked. But then I told myself to never remember to compare. Comparison kills joy, and also, how can you even compare your start with someone else’s middle?

So anyway – I am very excited that this fabulous teacher will be guiding us through a whole month of drawing daily (on our own pace!) in ‘A Drawing A Day’. She’ll encourage to create that daily habit by doing a drawing every day. This kourse is a fabulous stretch of four weeks full of inspiration, exercises and field trips. Your fingers will start itching and you just want to draw!  I can’t wait to start the first exercise tomorrow!

To celebrate the new year and the resolution to draw every day, Sketchbook Skool also shares a drawing prompt list for this month, and will keep sharing daily prompts all year.

Here’s the January list. I’m off, drawing!


Study Hall: A Portrait With Vin

In the Sketchbook Skool Kourse ‘Storytelling’, this week students are drawing portraits, following Vin Ganapathy’s way of working. First, he sits down with his subject and sketches him/her while chatting. Then he’ll take a bunch of reference pictures to work from later.

My dad is a very loyal and enthusiastic student in Sketchbook Skool, so I figured he would be the perfect person to draw from my homework in Klass.

Draw Tip Tuesday – Negative Shapes

Welcome to Draw Tip Tuesday!

Do you ever feel overwhelmed by certain objects when you try to draw them?

Too much detail! Intimidating and complicated shapes!

Here’s a technique that requires you to slow down and trust your eyes. Once you get the hang of negative space drawing, you’ll make use of it over and over again. I’ve had students in my art classes ‘complain’ they couldn’t stop seeing negative spaces everywhere. If that happens to you… well, my apologies, or actually: congratulations!


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