Behind The Scenes in Stockholm!

Have you ever noticed how everything becomes interesting as soon as you start drawing it?

When you’re on your way to work or the gym, or taking the dog for a walk around the block, do you notice anything around you? Not me. I usually just pass by places in my neighborhood without really seeing them.

Unless you start drawing. When you sit down to sketch something—even if it’s something you see every day—it suddenly becomes interesting. You notice archways and accents on buildings. You see the play of shadow and light. You notice people—what they’re wearing, their expressions.

Everything becomes interesting when you draw it.

Drawing turns the ordinary into the extraordinary.

That’s what Nina Johansson will be teaching in the new Sketchbook Skool community kourse Exploring.

Nina is a rock star in the world of Urban Sketching—the art of drawing on location. And because Nina is in love with drawing, even mundane scenes (her favorites to sketch) become beautiful.

For her klass in Exploring, Nina takes us on an Urban Sketching trip and draws he a scene from life. Through her eyes and sketchbook art, the ordinary became something unique and wonderful.

Nina is so down-to-earth, bright and warm. You’ll find out when you take her klass. And in this little peek behind the scenes, you’ll see my excitement about this klass.

I can’t wait to take the Kourse ‘Exploring’ as a student! Just one more week and the fun begins.



Exploring starts April 17. Click here to enroll! 

Exploring Is The Best Way Of Learning

“Go and make interesting mistakes, make amazing mistakes, make glorious and fantastic mistakes. Break rules. Leave the world more interesting for your being here.”

This is a quote by author Neil Gaiman, and I love it. Because by making mistakes, you learn. Be adventurous. Explore!

If you like this approach, of making mistakes, experimenting and exploring, you’ll love the new kourse in Sketchbook Skool. It’s called:


I know, I’ve already shared the video below, but as co-founder of Sketchbook Skool, I am just so darn proud of this beautiful Kourse, made by fantastic illustrators and urban sketchers: 

Lynne Chapman, Felix Scheinberger, Nina Johansson, Brian Butler and my biz partner Danny Gregory

It’s been a while since a new multi-teacher Kourse was offered inSketchbook Skool. But it is worth the wait!

Just a warning though:

In the past, Kourses in Sketchbook Skool ran multiple times. But this year, we’ve changed our policy. This is the only time this Kourse is offered. 

 ‘Exploring’ is a one-of-a-kind, lifetime adventure that will take you to new places in your sketchbook. You’ll be learning about composition, watercolors, hatching techniques and many ways to use your sketchbook as your creative playground. You’ll be drawing from observation as well as from imagination, you’ll find out about exciting art tools, and hang out with inspiring sketchbook artists in their studios in Stockholm, LA, Berlin, New York and Sheffield.

And it starts Monday, April 17. So don’t miss it!

Even though I’ve been intensively occupied creating this Kourse, I can’t wait to take the Kourse as a student, and learn from the amazing teachers.

Are you joining me?

Click here to find out more and enroll.


Behind The Scenes In Sheffield!

Lynne Chapman is a world-famous Urban Sketcher and illustrator from the UK.
I am so very excited that she’s teaching a klass in the new Sketchbook Skool kourse, Exploring.

In her klass in Exploring, Lynne is giving us a bunch of sketchbook tours, that are more than just flip throughs. As a reportage artist, she always needs to come up with clever solutions: how to depict time in a drawing, how to capture people and their personalities, how to draw a space, approaches to tell a telling a story. It’ll give you lots of ideas for your own sketchbook pages.
And of course, Lynne also takes us outside into sunny Sheffield (yes, we were lucky with the weather! you never know in the UK!), to make an urban sketch.

I was lucky to hang out with Lynne for a day, to shoot her klass videos for Exploring.

Here’s a little peek behind the scenes!



Click here to see more of what Lynne and the other rock star fakulty members will be teaching in Exploring

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