Draw Tip Tuesday: Foreshortening

Welcome to Draw Tip Tuesday!

How do you draw foreshortening?
When you draw something that’s foreshortened, it’s kind of an optical illusion that’s created because something looks compressed.

Now I could talk about vanishing points and all that, but you can also slow down and look at the shapes.
With color pencils, you can use soft strokes to fill the shadows, and when you layer the pencil lines, you darken those shades.

The longer you look at the subject, the more shadows you’ll see. Take your time and add those soft tones.

Procrastination Celebration

What’s going on when…

Your house is clean. Your desk drawers are completely organized and you have labeled all your files, maybe even hand-lettered the labels. The books on your shelves are now in alphabetical order. Or maybe color coded. You have send out hearts and likes on several social media channels and you even reconfigured your hard drive and answered all emails in your inbox. Yes, even the ones that really didn’t need replying at all.

You are in procrastination mode!

Big time. Don’t worry about it, though – everyone procrastinates to some degree. It’s completely normal. And I believe that when you’re a creative, the procrastination station can be one that you can hang out for quite a long time if you don’t watch yourself. But a little procrastination is healthy – as long as it doesn’t cause you ‘I-should-really-get-to work’-stress.

Where does it come from?

There are many reasons. And I am not a psychologist or scientist, but I can tell from my own experience why I procrastinate. It can be…
-Because I am looking at the work I need to be doing as if it were a chore.
-I tell myself I am too busy doing other important things.
-I am not sure how to start a certain project and feel insecure about the outcome (and my capability to make it happen).
-The project I need to start on is too big and I haven’t decided it up into smaller, easier to manage bits
-And oh yeah, let’s not forget: perfectionism.

What do you do about it?

Well, actually, I think there are forms of procrastination that are completely counterproductive. Like scrolling through the endless feeds on social media, or binge watching uninspiring TV shows, while you’re waiting for the ‘inspiration’ to hit you, or waiting for a good idea. You’ll feel guilty but it’s so hard to break out of it too.
However, we can benefit from a portion of healthy procrastination.

It can be a bit like a meditation

A bit of procrastination can help to clear your head. I made this drawing upon entering my studio, even before looking what was on the agenda for that day, distracting myself of the thought of what to expect inside my full email inbox. I took my time for it and it really made me relax.

Procrastination doesn’t necessarily need to have a negative ring to it, of ‘putting things off’. In fact, postponing opening my inbox until later in the day instead of first thing in the morning, makes me more productive.
Why? Because I don’t start the day reactive. I don’t respond to ideas being bounced off me, but I start working proactively on the tasks I set out for that day.
I like looking at the feed on social media at the end of the day, rather than in the morning – so I don’t start with a flow of inspiration, information that can be overwhelming and push away my own fresh ideas.
Doing a drawing before starting anything else, feels like a great start of the day – it’s a process of freedom (I can draw anything! It’s just for me! I will have accomplished something even before the work has started!).
I can totally recommend it as a way of positive procrastination. A celebration of your creativity!

It’s April! New drawing prompts.

It’s April!

And now that spring has started, give yourself a little kick in the pants, make sure you always carry your sketchbook (and a pen!) with you and make a drawing every day. Even a 5-minute doodle will make you happy, promise! Even a drawing that you don’t quite like the result of, is better than no drawing at all.

If you agree, join this month in the Sketchbook Skool 365 project. You can follow the prompts all year, or pick this month for a 30-day drawing challenge.
It’s a simple online drawing challenge, that’s hashtagged #sbsadrawingaday.

April drawing prompts

Here’s the list of prompts for April. You can follow the daily prompts or just pick any to spark an idea.
Joining the challenge is simple. You can share your art on social media (twitter, instagram, facebook) and use the hashtag #sbsadrawingaday.

Have fun!

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