Draw Tip Tuesday – Using A Dip Pen

Welcome to Draw Tip Tuesday!

A dip pen is a super fun tool for drawing.
You can use any color of ink you can imagine, and what I like about the nib is that you can vary your line by adding more or less pressure, do calligraphy hand lettering or go wild.


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Which Way Is The Right Way?

Everyone has their own way to make art.

Some like to be in a group and get encouraged that way. Others would feel way too intimidated by the idea of joining a class, a club or a group.
And neither way is better than the other. You just need to find your sweet spot.

Personally, I enjoy meeting up with other sketchers. People who would otherwise never even cross paths gather in sketch groups, just because they have this one thing in common: the fanatic urge to draw.

I also like drawing with my husband alongside me; he says he picks up the almost zen-like state of mind, and enjoys it while he reads a book or plays an instrument.

With some of my friends around, I’m completely comfortable drawing, but with other friends, my sketchbook stays in my bag. It’s quite peculiar.

And most of all, I enjoy drawing on my own. It brings me into some kind of zone that I can hardly describe. It reminds me of how I felt when making imaginative drawings when I was a kid. That uninterrupted freedom and flow!

Knowing where your ‘sweet spot’ is, can be very helpful, to get into a creative habit. You’ll be able to plan ‘art time’ in the best possible way.

Find sketch groups near you, if you’d like company and encouragement. You could go to a community centre in your town, to see if there are any classes. Or check out the many creativity groups on Facebook or meetup.com. And of course, you can join an online community like Sketchbook Skool. You can make use of the fabulous group of people in the community, or if you’re enjoying just drawing and learning by yourself, take a kourse at your own pace and on your own time.
In Sketchbook Skool we just wrapped up a fantastic community kourse, and very soon, new classes will be announced, so stay tuned!

You may not have read my blog post yet about the differences between drawing in company, or drawing alone. if you’re interested, click here to read the article.

So consider what works best for you. Look at your schedule and make some time to make art!

Black, White, and Grey

Pens pens pens!

Art can be so colourful. Bright colours can bring an extra layer to your drawings. But what if you only have a pen with you? There’s a lot you can do with just pen lines!
While waiting for the night flight to Amsterdam, and then later at my stop-over in Paris, I only had my sketchbook and a fineliner at hand. With just a little bit of hatching, you’ll be able to indicate values and shades – no colours needed.



When you look at people in the spotlights, you will see big differences between light and dark. It can be a little bit scary to fill whole areas with black ink, but it’s very effective! I used a TWSBI fountain pen and a Faber-Castell grey brush pen.



Drawing people never gets boring. Especially if they can’t really go anywhere, and you’re pretty sure to take all the time you want! This one is done with a Lamy safari fountain pen


For this cafe drawing above, all I wanted to use was my lovely  Pilot Falcon fountain pen with a flexible nib and a grey brush pen. Layering the grey gives many values, as do the hatching lines.


When little dog Mies came to visit me, she enjoyed the carpet so much, she could hardly sit still on it. I used my Sailor fountain pen, with a calligraphy fude nib, which allows very broad strokes as well as thin lines, which come in handy when trying to draw the dog’s fur.

I used the same pen for the quick drawing on a terrace below.

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