Let’s Make A Map!

In Yesterday’s Draw Tip Tuesday video I already mentioned the new exciting kourse on illustrating maps in Sketchbook Skool. 

The kourse is called ‘Let’s Make A Map’, and is taught by map making expert Nate Padavick. Nate is one of the founders of the awesome website They Draw And Travel (take a look there, it’s super inspiring!)

Illustrating Maps

The routes and maps in my head are soooo different than the actual routes. My sense of direction is off. Way off. So it’s quite the challenge for me to make a map. That’s why I’m so happy to be learning from the best in Sketchbook Skool. To use my imagination, be smart about illustration elements and personalizing the map as much as I want. It’ll be such a fun kourse to take!

Are you joining me?

The kourse starts June 12, and it’s only $29. It’s a really good deal because you’ll get a lot of good stuff in klass!

Follow this link and sign up now for Let’s Make a Map!
See you in klass!

Draw Tip Tuesday – Improve Your Urban Sketching

Welcome to Draw Tip Tuesday!

Last week, we made a contour drawing of a building. Now let’s improve our urban sketching by adding something extra: a map!
When you draw a building, you could personalize it by adding a map of where the drawing is located. It can be a simple map of the streets, and a pin where the building is. With a little help from Google maps, it’s a simple thing to do.
It’s a great thing to add to your travel journal pages as well.

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Everything Is Interesting When You Draw It

Everything Is Interesting When You Draw It

I know, sometimes I sound like a broken record. But even though I KNOW for a fact that everything becomes interesting as soon as you draw it, I sometimes forget. Why that is, I don’t know. I’m sure you forget sometimes too.

So here’s a little reminder.

Subjects don’t need to be ‘meaningful’. A drawing doesn’t necessarily need to tell an important story. If you draw random stuff in your sketchbook, those pages you fill, become a wonderful story about YOU, about your life. A story you could never come up with and draw if you intended to.


I drew these lillies, just because they were in front of me, and I was intrigued by the shapes and colors. Without even intending it, this drawing tells me the story of:
-My lovely friend who gave me these flowers at a dinner party
-The very strong smell of the flowers, I could hardly bear it
-The mental note I made when I got the flowers: don’t come near these with any white clothes on because they will stain
-The stains on my white shirt (and luckily they came out in the wash)
Minor things perhaps, but why aren’t small things worth remembering?



The shared workspaces building where I rent my studio is owned by a wonderful lady who is always accompanied by her dog called Mies. One afternoon she knocked on my door and asked me if I could watch Mies for a few hours while she was on a field trip with her team.
Mies is one of the cutest dogs I’ve ever met so I was happy to have her keep e company. She loves lying on the rug in my studio, so she was very happy too.
Drawing animals is something I would like more practice on, so of course I sat down to draw her. The page above tells me the story of:
-Having a dog around is really great. They have some kind of zen-state-of-mind
-Dogs never really sit still. Even if they are sleeping. Mies was moving around all the time and it was hard to capture her poses quick enough
-Fur is quite tricky to draw
-Mies took me out for a lovely walk
-When a dog does a number two in someone’s front yard, you need to be creative if the owner didn’t leave you any plastic bags for the occasion
-I like talking to dogs


The drawing above was a form of procrastination. I sat down with my laptop in the open window, enjoying the sun. The drawing tells me:
-procrastinating can be very creative
-sitting in an easy chair is not the best way to work
-spilling your coffee onto a drawing isn’t necessarily a bad thing – I now remember the cup I had my coffee in, without it being in the drawing


Sitting in front of an open dishwasher filled with dirty dishes may eem a bit odd, but who cares? The drawing above tells me the story of:
-The meal I had for dinner that evening
-Practicing drawing negative spaces
-That it would be decadent and wonderful at the same time if you would have 2 dishwashers. Think about it – you wouldn’t have to do the chore of emptying and refilling ever again.

So, what will YOU be drawing today?

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