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A delicious online art class about drawing food!

In this 4-week online art kourse, Sketchbook Skool co-founder Koosje Koene teaches you about making shapes and using composition, coloring, collage, lettering, and more creative tricks to make your food illustrations look yummy. By the end of the klass, you’ll have an illustrated recipe to submit to They Draw And Cook, an international website of illustrated recipes. This kourse begins June 10–register now!

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What is it?

“Draw It Like It’s Hot” is a 4-week online workshop, in which you will learn about shapes, colours, materials, drawing/collaging, composition, lettering and creative ideas.

Each week, a new lesson is available on the course website. You will be doodling, sketching, drawing, painting and/or collaging your way towards the final assignment: submitting a recipe to the fabulous website They Draw & Cook!

How does it work?

For 4 weeks, once a week you will find a new lesson on the workshop website. Lessons include:

  • instructions
  • tips
  • step-by-step video-tutorials
  • step-by-step photo-tutorials
  • assignments.You’ll be able to share your work with your class mates and learn from each other as we go.

Who is it for?

Foodies, crafters, drawing addicts, creators, doodlers, chefs, kitchen kings and queens, imaginators, food lovers and everyone who likes to create yummy stuff!



Food, Fun and FAQ

I can’t draw. Can I still take this kourse?

Absolutely! We’ll cover the basics of sketching (which is also good brush up for seasoned artists), and keep the rest of the lessons simple. This kourse is designed for all levels.

I can’t cook. Can I still join the kourse?

You bet. Casseroles may burn, but drawings turn out pretty well! Plus, by the end of the kourse, you’ll have so many recipes from your fellow students you may find your cooking skills have improved. If you’re already a good cook, you’ll have new recipes from all over the world to try!

Who is the teacher?

That would be me. I am co-founder of Sketchbook Skool, an artist and illustrator as well as a big fan of cooking, eating, and drinking coffee. If you like any of those things, join the foodie-art-geek club!

Will there be one recipe all the students use?

I offer a list of recipes you can draw, but if you have a favourite, or your grandmother’s recipe book is full of great stuff, use those and share them with the world!

Can I draw more than one recipe?

Yes! Create as many illustrated recipes as you like.

What is They Draw And Cook?

A really fun website full of illustrated recipes; check them out here. Of course, you don’t have to submit your final recipe, but you may want to when you’re done!

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-How much time will I need for the workshop?
Take about 2-3 hours each week to work focused, and you’ll be getting fun results.

-How will I share my works-in-progress?
Simply snap a picture of your work or even better, scan it.
On the course website, all participants will be sharing ideas, works in progress, questions and suggestions. No one else except for your peers can see the posts.


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